Now the summer has passed

Now the summer has passed.
It might never have been.
It is warm in the sun,
But it isn’t enough.

All that might’ve occurred
Like a five-fingered leaf
Fluttered into my hands,
But it isn’t enough.

Neither evil nor good
Has yet vanished in vain,
It all burned and was light,
But it isn’t enough.

Life has been as a shield,
And has offered protection.
I have been most fortunate,
But it isn’t enough.

The leaves were not burned.
The boughs were not broken,
The day clear as glass,
But it isn’t enough.

– Arseny Tarkovsky


Remorse For Any Death

Free of memory and of hope,
limitless, abstract, almost future,
the dead man is not a dead man: he is death.
Like the God of the mystics,
of Whom anything that could be said must be denied,
the dead one, alien everywhere,
is but the ruin and absence of the world.
We rob him of everything,
we leave him not so much as a color or syllable:
here, the courtyard which his eyes no longer see,
there, the sidewalk where his hope lay in wait.
Even what we are thinking,
he could be thinking;

we have divvied up like thieves
the booty of nights and days.

— Jorge Luis Borges

GRin & sUK

A psychological tip

Whenever you’re called on to make up your mind
and you’re hampered by not having any,
the best way to solve the dilemma, you’ll find
is simply by spinning a penny.No – not so that chance shall decide the affair
while you’re passively standing there moping;
but the moment the penny is up in the air
you suddenly know what you’re hoping.

Lest Fools Should Fail

True wisdom knows
it must comprise
some nonsense
as a compromise,
lest fools shouls fail
to find it wise.

Grook or Gruk(in Danish) is said to be an abbreviation of GRin and sUK (laughter and sigh) invented and made famous by Danish poet Piet Hein. Grooks are short aphoristic poems characterized by irony, paradox, brevity, sophisticated rhymes and satire.

Enjoy them here, here and here.

Why its Raining?

As i listen
to the sound
My whole world
spins around

I wonder why
as it thunders so high
It all feels like
a vented out cry

As i scream
thoughts knock and leave
The more i try to see
it all looses its sheen

As it pours by
nothingness hovers the sky
It all washes by
still i feel so dry