Cannes 2009, Awards

Palme d’Or : THE WHITE RIBBON directed by Michael HANEKE

Grand Prix : A PROPHET directed by Jacques AUDIARD

Award for Best Director : Brillante MENDOZA for KINATAY

Award for Best Screenplay : LOU Ye for Spring Fever

Award for Best Actress : Charlotte GAINSBOURG in ANTICHRIST directed by Lars VON TRIER

Award for Best Actor :Christoph WALTZ in INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS directed by Quentin TARANTINO

Jury Prize Ex-aequo :FISH TANK directed by Andrea ARNOLD &  THIRST directed by PARK Chan-Wook

Vulcain Prize for an artist technician : MAP OF THE SOUNDS OF TOKYO directed by Isabel COIXET

Lifetime achievement award : WILD GRASS directed by Alain RESNAIS


Complete List Here

NYT Article



  1. Have you seen any of them? How many have you downloaded?

    Btw have you watched basketball diaries? I didnt like it as much as requiem for a dream…dunno, for all the hype that people have bulit up about it, it didnt somehow live up to expectations…

  2. nah, none….almost none of them has been released commercially yet….so i guess i’ll have to wait.

    btw got an amazing movie collection from Raghav’s friend, whose brother went to FTI this year..some 300+ movies…godard, hitchcock, kariostami, panahi, renoir and what not..almost all great directors one could think of.

    abt basketball diaries, haven’t seen it, and i guess i won’t be watching it now..

  3. oh boy…u must have taken all the movies!!! i wd be visiting chandigarh soon…till what date are u there? or if yr not there, does raghav have the movies?

    also, when does yr session start?

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