Month: October 2008

Murakami for Nobel?


The Nobel Prize for literature has been set for October 9, the prize awarders said Friday.

Perennial favorites, from American novelist Philip Roth to Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, top the list of hopefuls for this year’s prize.

Well, it normally happens that every year somebody gets the Nobel Prize for Literature and then I get started with reading his/her books. But this year I guess if Murakami wins the title I will be in more or less some loss, as I have read almost all his books. But then with one of my fav writer winning the title I can live with that:)


Victor Pelevin

I haven’t been reading anything these days, but yeah there’s been some occasional reading about books and cinema. It’s while that kind of reading i came to know about Victor Pelevin, first in bookforum and then now in NYT, both reviews about his new book. He looks good, something like Murakami, though can’t say that with surety. I guess i’ll read him soon.

Here‘s n interesting interview.