Does it really matters?

One wonders if it’s even worthwhile to think about it. What difference could it make, wondering something knowing that it will make you circle to the same point. Even the question of arguing against the things coming a full circle seems baseless. Things have no ends only useless intersections, always throwing things out out of place, making one believe as if there’s something worthwhile going on.

One wonders, one struggles and one dies. It could be as simple as that but the mind doesn’t believes. It pushes even though it’s there on the edge of the cliff. But still it never falls, always hinges back to something and then sadly that tiny winy of that hinge looks like the base of everything sustainable, though what so ever farce that could be.



  1. It matters, thinking about it matters if…
    u cannot do without it; u feel the anxiety, the fear of choking ur brain if u choose otherwise; the moment of happiness after finding an answer, of growing above yesterday becomes what matters the most…

  2. Kid

    How are you? I visited your library, your favourite books & the ones that you reading currently. Quite impressive, did pick up a few titles

    Does it really matter?

    I would say it does matter. you may come back to the same point that you’d left sometime ago, but the journey that you take, the thoughts you witness during it may reveal something new, there you go equipped with newer perspectives to look at journey n the point that u left afresh
    n that sweat n the efforts you managed to gather certainly would make you feel better about yourself. you did stretch, despite being aware that things will remain the same.

    struggle is a far more meaningful and substantiative than everything else, which enables you to design a newer facet in you, as if u had stumbled upon that never seen-never felt dimension of yours

    Take care


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