Burdens few Men carry

From “Time Within time“, the diaries of Tarkovsky from 1970-86.

“…the 20th century has seen the rise of a kind of emotional inflation. When we read in a newspaper that 20 million people have been butchered in Indonesia, it makes as much impression on us as an account of our hockey team winning a match. The same degree of impression! We fail to notice the monstrous discrepancy between the two events. The channels of our perception have been smoothed out to the point that we are no longer aware. However, I don’t want to preach about this. It may be that without it life would be impossible. Only the point is that there are some artists who do make us feel the true measure of the things. It is burden which they carry throughout their lives, and we must be thankful to them”

— By a math professor, Manin, while attending a university debate on Rublyou.


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