National Geographic Photo Contest

Here few images from National Geographic Photo Contest. More here.


Caged monkeys await their fate at a medical laboratory in Hubei Province, China.


People Winner
Brother and sister in Tibet


Women going through windows


From 1982 to 1987 in the Luwero District, Uganda, more than 100,000 civilians were massacred in an attempt to clear the area of rebels. Because of the enormous number of deaths and the intense fighting, bodies were left to rot in the streets. When peace was brought to the area upon the defeat of President Obote, westerners collected the bones for export. President Museveni ordered a memorial erected in honor of those who’d died. The memorial is a small room where skeletons lie in a 40-foot-deep pit in the town of Nakaseke. Today, Dominica Batakanwa is the caretaker.


Children run in the street in Havana, Cuba.


Jumping mullet in the Seychelles islands


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