Month: May 2007

Without Numbers

Now here’s a tribe which doesn’t have the concept of numbers or colours in it. People there don’t talk in past tense verb conjugations or even use any words associated with time. Most of the communication is based on what is being experienced at that moment. So much so that, the lack of recursion in their language has now put the widely accepted Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar into question.

Links : Recursion & Human Thought : A Talk With Daniel L. Everett &
Living without Numbers or Time


Dark Future

Cosmologists have put themselves in the shoes of their future counterparts by pondering the consequences of dark energy, an enigmatic force discovered in 1998 that seems to be pulling galaxies apart at a steadily increasing clip. Eventually, this accelerating expansion of space will yank galaxies away from each other faster than light can travel between them, leaving our galaxy and its immediate neighbors isolated in a vast darkness.

JR Minkel talks about how Cosmic expansion may leave the future with no hint of Big Bang at all.

Link : A.D. 100 Billion: Big Bang Goes Bye-Bye

Art and The Artist

….The entire comedy of art is neither performed for our betterment or education nor are we the true authors of this art-world. On the contrary, we may assume that we are merely pictures and artistic projections for the true author, and that we have our highest dignity in our significance as works of art– for it is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified– while of course our consciousness of our own significance hardly differs from that which the soldiers painted on canvas have of the battle represented on it. Thus all our knowledge of art is basically quite illusory, because as knowing beings we are not one and identical with that Being who, as the sole author and spectator of the comedy of art, prepares a perpetual entertainment for himself. Only in so far as the genius in the act of artistic creation coalesces with this primordial artist of the world, does he catch sight of the eternal essence of art; for in this state he is, in a marvelous manner, like the weird picture of the fairy-tale which can turn its eyes at will and behold itself; he is now at once subject and object, at once poet, actor, and spectator.

– Friedrich Nietzche in The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music