Month: December 2006

Time troubles

He snapped the book shut and got out of the bed. Feeling hungry he moved towards the kitchen. Wondering what time it was he took the cell phone out of his pocket. It showed 00:59 but, just as time had sinked through his eyes to the brain, the pixels shifted their positions. It now showed 1:00
Darn! Not again.
In the past one-week or so he had encountered almost a dozen incidents like these, of time just snapping through in front of his eyes. And all these moments of one hour of the day giving way to the next happened during night. It was either 23:59 or 00:59 or 1:59 and also 2:59 once.
Amused he wondered whether this had some implication or was just a coincidence.

The same also happened during his college time, some 2 years back. It was exam time and he and his few hostel mates used to go out for a cup of tea in the night. The chai wala used to sit near the clock tower. Almost every day the clock (It was a digital clock) used to register one flip like 2:34 going to 2:35 or 2:14 going to 2:25 etc(No, he doesn’t used to stare at it, just a glace to know whether it was time to go or not) in front of his eyes during their 15-20 minutes stay there.

He wondered what could it all mean.

Does that mean that the time’s running out. Or may be the world’s going to end. It could be a signal from the aliens, who though being technologically supreme are quite shy to communicate directly.

Or may be its my inner self that’s trying to communicate with me. It can be some inner call of my subconscious mind, which with some setting with my biological clock makes me check the time at some particular moment.
But what could it be telling me?
May be its also saying that time’s running out Or may be its hinting for some change. But then why not flip the clock like those college day. Why flip for hours and not minutes?
May be something changed at that time also and something else is going to change now though its quite bigger in magnitude.

But then why it’s nighttime always?
May be because its when am the most awake and conscious during the whole day. Obviously to communicated something deeper you got to have your all cylinders pumping hard.

But nothing’s changing except for me cooking these weird possibilities. And how the hell can one say that if something is changing or not. And even if something changes can’t it be that it’s it’s inevitable or rather natural course of action. And only that when it happens its inevitability becomes apparent.


He shrugged his shoulders and moved inside the kitchen and took an Apple from the fridge.
Damn! I must sleep, it gotta be 2 already.
He took his cell phone out. It showed 1:58. He switched the light off and moved towards the bed.
Wait, 58.
He checked his cell. It was indeed 1:58.
No its 59 now.
He pressed some buttons and the clock showed 2:05. Switching the light off he went towards the bed.