Overemphasizing syndrome

Have you ever had a feeling that the other person may not be able to tell the precise point that you are trying to tell?
Or he may not be able to see the thing the way you saw?

Let us see from listener’s perspective.
Don’t we at sometime or the other have a feeling that the speaker, author etc is again and again making the same point that he simply made understandable at the first time itself.

It happens all the time. Now as am reading Khazuo Ishingro’s “An Artist of the Floating World” the main character made a point initially that he had always been quite unsure about his social status. So he presented an incident from his past where he had been surprised at how somebody held him in high esteem. But as am reaching the halfway mark the author has till now recollected some 4-6 almost similar incidents about that point.

Same happened in Omkara where Mr. Bhardwaj quite unsure whether audience will get Tyagi’s reasons for betrayal or not ended up giving Tyagi so much screen presence that the main essence that was to be portrayed i.e Omkara’s turmoil was all spoiled.

Ah, i guess i haven’t overemphasized trying to make the point.
So the point is why it happens?

Ok i can’t do a Freudian analysis but the one thing, which looks clear, is fear. Fear that one’s work will go unappreciated. Fear that things may look unnatural or rather inconsequential at the end. Fear that the bird that the bird the author wants to free in the end may not look caged to the audience.
So what happens is that the author starts running with a cage after the bird instead of showing how inconsequentially or consequentially he got in. And what is left for the reader are endless repetitions.
Its ok till one shows different perspectives of the same thing or tries presenting the thing in different ways but once he keeps on doing the same thing or sacrifices something else for that, things turn bad.

Everything has an audience of its own. A set of people, likeminded or may be not , who can appreciate what you are presenting. And no matter what you write unless its not maligned by such fears it will be understandable to them. And at times audiences are built over the time.
The very best thing that an author can give to its audience is honesty. Honesty free from such fears and that is what i guess we are cherish for.



  1. Rakesh,
    the stream of thought, the author’d started with,over a period of time, takes its own life, gathers its own momentum. If the author is not capable of keeping pace with it, I guess, this “Overemphasizing” happens..perhaps, as the relaxed audience u feel it,while the performer over there either is running helplessly after his own thought or is creating more situations & logic to reinforce. as long as there’s consistent a build-up,I dont mind this bit.But if it’s loud n hitting me all around,well, I do consider your point.
    But as the reader or audience, if you are made responding quickly to the author’s point,then,the book is working boy! John M. Coetzee is that kind of writer…

  2. You are rite abt this, I too have read a lot of Authors who tend to do this & it does tend to grate on u after a while. However i have a diff. outlook on this. I feel that in cases where the author has got someone narrating his experiences, it’s quite relevant. I have seen it happening in real life, where in order to subsantiate our beliefs or our stance we tend to say the same thing again & again or we force ourselves to believe that the various factors that r happening in our life all contribute to that thing. For example, if one is going thru a bad patch he’ll attribute evrything that happens around him to that bad patch, whereas who knows those circumstances might actually be gud 4 him realtive to other times. What i want to say here is that sometimes the author is justified in “overemphasizing a point” , but not always!!

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