Month: August 2006

Astrology, Pluto and Me

Astrology is something which tries to determine certain things about us as we are born and also how things are or will be at any point in our lives.
Now with our small, large or whatever knowledge about science we know that existence of a large charge effects all other smaller charges present in its vicinity (its electric field). Astrology is essentially based on similar principle where we are affected by the planets around us.
As the planets have different shaped orbits, different distance from earth, different composition etc so essentially every planet has different capabilities of affecting a child as he’s born because of its position in the universe (two Childs born on 5th Jan n 5th Oct in same hospital will have Mars in diff positions). So planetary position defines our basic composition as we are born (remember sun-sign) and also they continue to effect us as we go along with our lives.

lemme add sth abt Pluto also. Bejan daruwala says Pluto is actually a planet of crime i.e. its influence defines the criminal capabilities of people [1].

So it looks that planets can affect us because we all are made up of somewhat similar material. But didn’t ya all forget me. I am also an energy too, influenced by planets and similar to you. Agreed my mass is too small as compared to other 9 biggies but am much too closer to you.

Yeah that’s the point that why astrology considers planets and neglects human beings around us. They all are energies, and have what other planets have got. Agreed we are quite insignificant in our masses as compared to planets but this is where inverse square law comes in.
So actually the planets are fixed, have periodic motion and are few in numbers so we can actually quantify their influence on humans. This is not easy if we start considering influences of Human beings also. Yeah with technology advancing so fast we may be able to do that some day but not now.

Ah! i forgot the million dollar question : Does Pluto effect me?
And about the recent Pluto’s bad luck i can only say that “Don’t worry Pluto, world’s full of morons just ignore them”.

Ps: I don’t believe in astrology or rather actually don’t want to. The mere implication that anything that’s happening to my life is actually because of the planets above amuses me. The above post was actually a possible idea explaining why not to believe astrology but some how it agrees to the base of it. Anyhow though I guess I conveyed whatever I wanted to say but still…feel free to question, comply, and criticize or anything in the comment section.
[1] heard that in his interview on TV yesterday


Just a vague thought

Slowly he opened his eyes and things started coming into focus. The place looked dark and few things were moving here and there. Every thing looked absurd, those things appeared and disappeared without any apparent reason. Not sure what those things were he assumed them to be some kind of species.

Suddenly he realized is own presence, he saw himself similar to others, but suddenly he felt very weak. Not sure what was happening, he tried to concentrate. But the more he tried to concentrate, more painful his existence became. Disheartened he pushed himself to a corner of the place where he was lying. And slowly he lost his consciousness.

Similar species were originating around him, some were getting stronger while some were loosing out just like him. Slowly he realized he was bit strong and was again observing his surroundings. He observed that gain of one was the loss of others. Sometimes one or two species submerged into one another to create something else of the same kind. But change was something that was happening continuously. Amazed of the things happening around him he had almost lost the thought of himself. But now as his understanding of the place around was increasing, the activity was dwindling.

Not sure why other species around him were dying, he looked at himself and was mighty shocked to realize that his size had grown many folds. Perplexed he tried to contemplate why had that happened. He had just been lying there and doing nothing, just watching n understanding the place. And something had happened to him as it was happening to others. He still didn’t know the driving force of the place.
Was it just existing and some random fluctuations? Or was it watching and staying put? Or is it sitting idle and thinking that makes things work here?

Still he had no answer but his size was still growing and every thing around was getting dull. He was alone in the light that seemed to come out of him. Far in one corner he saw new specie emerging from dark. Though the new specie was very small but still he seemed to like it. The specie started moving towards him as if he had summoned it, and somehow the speed of the specie was increasing. And before he could think of anything else, the specie struck him with lightning speed and pat came the realization that this place was somebody’s mind and he was just a vague thought.

Morning mishap

He half opens his eyes, his left hand still on the alarm clock. It was all dark around him, not even a hint of light.
He stops just as his hand was about to hit the alarm clock again. Anguished he curses Mrs. Desai, the head mistress of the house.

He hates it when she changes the alarm time without letting him know. He knows its futile to hate her, the more anguished he will feel the more it will be difficult to go to sleep again. He knows she won’t be up by at least 2 hrs by now.
His eyes still closed, he gathers himself up so as to rest his back on the wall. He wonders why has she woken him up so early. Neither is Mr. Desai home, so there’s no point washing the car and nor is it’s Nahar’s examination time that he may need a tea or milk now.
Still wondering but too angry to complete any of his thought, he starts counting the ticks of the clock, and abandons it when he can’t remember the next number.
The only reason he likes counting is that it makes him fall asleep quickly.

“Mohan,” comes the yelling.
“Mohan, Where the hell are you.”

He opens his eyes suddenly, tries locating at the door, which is barely visible in the dark. The sound of her footsteps reaching the door increases. Quickly he throws the bed sheet away and gets off the bed in panic. As he moves, his eyes stop at the curtains, hiding the windows behind, which were just put up yesterday for the first time.
The left side of the curtains flutters and his panic grows ten folds as light form outside hits his eyes.

“How come you are still not out of the bed,” comes the yell from behind.
“Its good 30 minutes that your alarm must have rung,” she says.
“Sorry…aa..I thought..curtains..,” he murmers.
“Shut up! Go to the kitchen and don’t you dare get anything near your mouth before noon,” she says looking as angry as she can.
He slowely moves towards the door, cursing her and those damn curtains.