Unjustified rating..Is it!!

Yesterday I came across an article “Coming soon: Mind-reading computers”. It sounded interesting so I went through it but it came out be nothing great but just average. Not something path breaking that I expected. As I reached the end of the article there were some reader ratings given to it. And to my surprise the article had got 9.9 rating out of 10. It kinda irked me. The article should never have even reached 8 rating but it stood at handsome but deeply irritating 9.9.

So I ended up giving it a rating of 1 which quite not to my respite brought its rating to 9.1.
Otherwise may be i would have given it a rating of 7 or 8.



  1. well actually nobody has answered that whether the rating given by me was justified or not…since nobody has commented or rather countered my view lemme do it myself….

    actually at the first place it don’t support such a kind of rating system..how can you judge something by taking an average..every one has his own point of view and unequal capablities of comprehending sth and obviously they will be diff from from that of the artist’s(author in this case)…so giving a rating this way is actually a compromise not only on author’s part by also on the ppl givin rating…
    and i just choosed not to let it compromise me….i had sth(rating) that was mine and i went on establishing it…
    and am again sayin..am totally against it, not what i did but what i was made to…

  2. After reading the article i will give it a rating of 7..At the same time i’ll like 2 add that u’ll come across many articles which are over rated n many under rated..Its individual’s perpective,comprehension and his interest in that partuicular topic…wat say..!!

  3. Hi raka,
    I just read the article…it was ok….such emotional intelligence things are going on around and it is one of those….it would have its pros and cons2…
    Now regarding rating i agree it does not deserve such a high rating(9.9) but rating less or more is one’s own choice…for me its 7/10… i suppose what u did was to change trend and bring the rating down…
    adding to it generally ppl rate by looking at the trend…so lowering it down may bring rating to its appropriate level…

  4. @nandani: yeah its individual’s perspective but doesn’t isn’t such rating system compromising one’s individuality…

    @mohit: ok ppl do vote looking at the trend…and voting like that the rating came to appropiate level but isn’t it wrong on my part to give what he deserved from me…

    actually as i said in my last comment actually its these rating system which are wrong at the first place…–>

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